What’s New for God of War III Remastered Version

What's New for God of War III Remastered Version

The first appearance of Kratos for the PlayStation 4 was brought to life in the God of War III Remastered Version. A remaster of the same title was also released back in 2010 on the PlayStation 3. So what’s new this time around?

First of all, this PS4 remastered release was made possible to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this video game franchise. It is celebrated with better graphics to fit the new hardware that is the PlayStation 4. The sound quality gets a big boost as well, and the controls have notably been tweaked to allow for better gameplay. Lastly, you still get to play the role of a guy trying to fight the Greek gods themselves, what could be more fun than that?

A Look Inside the God of War III Remastered Version

So what can be found in the God of War III Remastered Version? Well, you still play as Kratos who is an ex-Spartan warrior that is hell-bent on having more than his fill of bloodthirsty revenge for the gods that betrayed him from the past titles.

The story of this God of War sequel is a dark and very gory one. There is practically no absence of blood in each bit of gameplay. It never fails to pull gamers into the game over a stunning storyline, great videogame graphics, quality sounds, and over-the-top gameplay system. The setting of the game is placed on the heights of Mt. Olympus, and as the gods found on Greek lore, the game and everything in it is on an epicly massive scale. As soon as gamers start a new game, they will immediately be placed into the heart of the action. Developers have made it possible to make every battle more difficult than the previous ones. Therefore forcing players to hone their skills each time a boss is defeated. Hence, there is no absence of boredom while playing this game.

Just like the other God of War games, combos are rampant. Which brings gamers who are certified completionists to test their mettle on how many attacks will they be able to chain and how quickly can they land the finishing blow to even the most difficult of enemies. The God of War III Remastered Version is a great game to play for fans of the franchise and to those gamers who want an action-packed game. Just make sure that seeing blood all around, nearly all the time won’t develop queasiness.


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