What was iPad Five Years Ago?

What was iPad Five Years Ago?

Five years ago, iPad, is not as welcome as it is today. iPad received mixed reception from the crowd, iPad is so new that people is somewhat scared of it, there are something about the iPad five years ago that makes people detest it, but iPad manage to beat all negative criticisms leaving all those days behind, where people are somewhat has a primitive approach to this device called “iPad”.

Today, iPad has become a part of people’s lives. Apple created a device that has become one of the most important and useful not to mention handy device for today’s generation.

How people see iPad five years ago? The absence of flash in iPad is a big question, what was Apple doing?!But Steve Jobs has an absolute answer for that inquiry; “Flash was created during the PC era—for PCs and mice,” he wrote. “But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards—all areas where Flash falls short. From that clear answer PC technology wouldn’t seamlessly translate to mobile computing. Is it actually hard to understand what was Steve Jobs trying to convey that time?

iPad is not a good name. People go nuts about hearing the name of Apple’s tablet the “iPad” it is a bad name, but that is only five years ago, iPad today is one of the most after sought device, people are most comfortable with the name iPad. The iPad size is also another matter that matters most, what people think is that this new device is just a 10-inch phone. In the end, it turns out that people actually loving the idea of having a giant phone, the figures in sales proves it that people indeed love iPad. Another, misconception five years ago is that people thought that the iPad was created to extinct laptops, but, wait no! People still buy laptop. The existence of iPad is to fill a certain gap in computing, this device has a special and distinct use to its user nowadays, and it is no surprise that today iPad is one of the most devices present inside a household, this device has a certain function for every different users.

Indeed, iPad has proven its worth, leaving all those facts above to yesterday.


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