What does this so-called digital crown doing in Apple’s Watch?

What does this so-called digital crown doing in Apple’s Watch?

Apple ensures that everyone will be knowledgeable about the Apple Watch, thus they release a series of videos that teach every individual how to use it. The videos that act as manual and simple tutorial has dual – purpose, on the other side of it, this video tutorials is also a marketing tool that explains why Apple arrived to such decision when it come to the design of its user interface this videos also gives us the best glimpse of the soon to be wrist-computer.

The first part of the video is a simple introduction about the Apple Watch, followed by presentation of its major key features and information about its components. It explains the usage of the digital crown wheel on the side of the watch as a scrolling device.

Why, use the digital crown as a scrolling device? Isn’t the watch’s face a touchsreen? The watch’s face is a touchcreen, yes, but the use of digital crown allows room for definitiveness, further, the digital crown is a multi function component, like when pressed in, it will let you select a content or let you go back to the home screen, when it is pressed firmly down the screen will display different options for you to choose what task should be done next, using force to display another option in the same button is called force touch, located at the bottom right, you will see a button, and when clicked will send you to your contact list. Additionally, in the first part of the video series, Apple explains that there are more than one way to reply to messages, it can be with a pre-written text, or you can write your own text, through a voice message and lastly through Apple’s animated emoji.

Apple explains how to customize each watch-face in the second video, there is also a and that is not the end of it, there will be more videos coming, that will discuss and reveal more about the Apple watch.


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