What to Expect With the Oculus Touch and Gear VR

Experiencing the virtual realm with the Oculus Touch and Gear VR can be summed up in one word – astounding. Oculus was able to set the boundaries, and perhaps even broke them, as we entered a new age of entertainment when we are now able to experience VR using their peripherals and media devices. However, even though the VR company’s new tech did succeed (very much so), it did fall slightly off the mark.

What to Expect With the Oculus Touch and Gear VR

View Stunning Virtual Reality Images with the Oculus Touch and Gear VR

Virtual reality with HD graphics was once thought to be a mere dream, until the Oculus Touch and Gear VR came along. People who have experienced virtual reality decades ago with the use of an old gaming system called Virtual Boy, you will not be prepared by the astonishing experience brought about by the products by Oculus. Stunning high-definition visuals could not compare to the “virtual reality” experience of what were lines and dots long before. Sure, it was able to let the player immerse in those lines and dots, but why immerse yourself in those (unless you crave for nostalgia) when you can experience flight, space, and other environments recreated with stunning immersive 360-degree visuals?

While there are lots to expect as to the capabilities of the Oculus Touch and its accompanying Samsung Gear VR, games played with it largely fell in just two categories: platformers and first-person shooters (FPS).

When you play platformers using these Oculus VR devices, it’s easy to get lost in an ever expanding world. However, the novelty and excitement of getting into a new realm yourself (as the player) can quickly wear off. It does look pretty impressive on paper, but when you’re there, it’s like watching a movie on an IMAX screen for the first time. In other words, it is exciting at first, but what can you expect after that?

With the FPS games, it aims to correct the problem that was in the platformers – immediate boredom. When you’re playing an FPS game using VR, you are the in-game actor. You shoot things, click on stuff, get items, and these are all done in a very fast paced virtual reality environment. This is a more exciting approach, but those new to the whole VR experience, especially for FPS games, will lead to a quick trip to get motion sickness.

While there are some flaws to experiencing virtual reality with the Oculus Touch and Gear VR, you’ve got to hand it to the company behind these gadgets as we are now one step further for creating future tech.


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