Looking at the AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs

With the launch of the AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs, people are looking to experience its main advantages. These are based off of the company’s mobile consumer Carrizo APUs (which were announced on early 2015). When it comes to architectural design and perspective, the Pro line is similar to the consumer models. However, the former APUs are designed specifically to target commercial and business markets applications.

Security features and reliability assurance – these are the main offerings for the 6th Generation Pro APUs and are their main advantages. The new line has more security, reliability, and stability than the standard Carrizo APU.

Each of the 6th Gen APUs will feature an AMD Secure Processors. This will also include a TrustZone technology. These functionalities will isolate security applications (e.g. anti-virus programs, digital wallets) and bring them to a more “secure location.” This location will be outside the APU’s computational cores. In other words, these security applications will have separate core functions built into them, which makes for more dedicate and reliable safety responses for the computer.

Looking at the AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs

The AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs Brings New, More Refined Security Features

The hardware for the AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs are essentially similar, or even identical to their Carrizo line for consumers. For example, the PRO A12-8800B (their top-end model) will feature the same hardware specs as the FX-8800P (launched earlier this year).

So what does this mean?

It means that all products under the Carizzo line will use the same 28-millimeter manufacturing process as with the 6th Generation Pro APU line. It will also feature the Excavator x86 CPU cores together with the Radeon GCN GPU cores.

AMD also announced that they will be making their Pro APUs available for some laptops. This will also come alongside with Qualcomm’s X5 LTE modem. The modem will be able to provide Category 4 (CAT 4) speeds. In this category, users are able to experience up to 150 Mbps in a single SKU. It was noted that one of the laptops that will have these new hardware will be from HP. However, it was noted that it is still not clear when the computer in question will hit markets. It was also unclear as to when with the other OEMs will be available for the public.

With the AMD 6th Generation Pro APUs, the company is looking to elegantly combine the x86 and GPU in one energy efficient processor with their performance SoC design.


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