Werewolves Within – A Virtual Reality Game That Requires You to Lie to Your Friends

If you think that you’ve played just about every genre of video games out there, then perhaps you haven’t seen the likes of Werewolves Within. Simply put, it is as talk-heavy as many role-playing games in the videogame industry. But what makes this particular VR game standout is that you have to lie to your friends, and they, in turn, will have to lie to you too.

Werewolves Within - A Virtual Reality Game That Requires You to Lie to Your Friends

Werewolves Within is Unlike Any Other VR Game

Take away the cartoon characters and the crystal ball at the center and Werewolves Within will look like a boring game, but it’s more than that. It is a virtual reality game that is in a class of its own. You will watch villager avatars talk and shift their attention just like real people would but they know that they are powered by real people, which makes all the difference when playing this particular title. The atmosphere brings something like a late-night after-party hang with friends but placed inside a fantasy-esque setting.

In this game, the group of players will sit in a circle (in the virtual realm, of course). Then, each one will be assigned a secret role. The role can either be the werewolf or civilian. The players would then have to argue back and forth about the aforementioned identities. The group would then have to find out who is the “werewolf” and then kill that person. It is akin to what you would see in the hit reality TV show, Survivor, as the players would have to cast their votes at the end of each round as to who the perpetrator really is.

There’s also a bunch of rule variations to play around with in Werewolves Within (VR), but the main aspect about the particular virtual reality title is essentially about one thing – lying directly to your friends. If you are assigned to be the “werewolf”, you would have to lie to your teeth and play people so as not to get caught. You can even try and pit your friends against each other so as not to get caught.

The cartoon characters should also be noted as they will move their lips, nod or shake their heads, and do various movements in lieu to the player’s own movements. The backdrop is that of a fantasy kingdom and your point-of-view would that be that you’re seated in the midst of the group.

This is a very convincing illusion brought about by Werewolves Within. Mechanics like “Whisper” can be employed to which it will involve leaning to the left or right to directly converse with the players sitting right beside you. The entire game is about talking, arguing with each other, or even yelling – lots and lots of yelling.


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