Watching Paint Dry – Somehow Crawled Its Way Into Steam

If you’re scanning the Steam store for new games to try out, you might find a peculiar game thrown into the mix called Watching Paint Dry. Well, this is because Ruby Nealon, a teenage tech expert, manage to sneak his virtually non-existent game into Steam.

Watching Paint Dry – Somehow Crawled Its Way Into Steam

Watching Paint Dry Finds Its Way (Somehow) Into Steam

Steam has a membership count of over 125-million users at the time of writing, therefore it might not be an actual surprise if one of those 125-million individuals will sneak a game in there at one point in time; and that point in time may be now because of Watching Paint Dry.

Even though Steam carries a bunch of well-known titles from some of the biggest franchises in the videogame industry, it is still a go-to place for unique titles from smaller developers to upload their games and try to make a profit with their own creations. Solo developers, like that of Nealon, are no exception to those aspiring individuals.

However, before a game gets uploaded into Steam, it will still undergo approval from the firm before any other user can purchase and/or download it. For instance, there’s a crowdsourcing admissions program entitled Steam Greenlight, which is a user-voted system, that is designed to assist in surfacing the more popular videogames that are not made by the big names within the video gaming sector.

But the Watch Paint Dry game by Ruby Nealon is special. Why? Because it skipped the queue for having to go through Steam Greenlight and instead was live without much hitch. The game was built using the hobbyist suite RPG Maker, and it was the developer’s “severely exciting game” (not sarcasm) of watching paint to dry for 45-seconds. The funny thing about it is it even has Steam Achievements embedded into the game, along with digital trading cards, emoticons, and novelty badges.

However, those who are looking for playing Watch Paint Dry in all its 45-second glory won’t be able to experience the title any further as it Steam was quick to catch a whiff of the game and has promptly removed it from the store. However, it was still not quick enough; after all, there were some gamers who reported to have tried the game before it was removed from Steam. Also, Nealon’s target date for the game to pop up was supposed to be on April 1st as part of an April Fools’ gag. However, it showed up at an earlier date instead.


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