Google Maps – Gets Funky for April Fools’

Google Maps might be your go-to tool for checking out places and/or finding your way around the place. While it might be quite boring to use for almost every other day of the year, April 1 is a special day for the Maps service to stand out, even for just a bit. This year, Pegman, the little “man” you place into areas within the map, is no ordinary looking… man, as it is now transformed into your own personal groovy dancer.  Happy April Fools’ Day 2016.

Google Maps – Gets Funky for April Fools’

Pegman From Google Maps is Now Groovy

When you jump into Google Maps at any time during the 1st of April, you will see that Pegman, which is normally a featureless figure that you can drag and drop around Maps, now has his own personal attire. He has been “discofied” (if that’s even a word) and he is complete with a beard, low-fro hairdo, and a purple seventies outfit.

In fact, when you head onto the Google Maps Twitter account, you will see that they’ve changed the account’s name to “Groovy Maps.” It’s even complete with a ton of Funky Town references. However, unlike the previous April Fools’ surprises from Google, that’s about it for what you can get for this year’s April Fools’ gig from the search engine giant.

For those who need a jog in their memory, or for those who are not in the know, two years ago Google went really special for their Maps’ April Fools’ excitement. For the 2014 April Fools’ “schtick,” users are able to try and “Catch them all” as Pokémon are scattered throughout the globe. The original 151 Pokémon are found within the Maps app and users can try to catch them all to be rewarded with a Pokémon Master business card. Of course, finding all 151 Pocket Monsters is a great challenge considering you would have to search for each one across the entire globe. If you’ve played this two years ago, then you’ve probably said goodbye to anything productive on April 1, 2014.

For last year’s April Fools’ stunt by Google, you can play Pac-Man on Google Maps. Those who knew about it can take control of the legendary videogame icon as yellow dots will appear across streets in which you can “munch” and “chomp” them to your heart’s content. With these two gigs for the past two years, a purple disco suit doesn’t quite do much in comparison and is overall very unexciting.


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