Warcraft III – The 14-Year-Old Game Gets an Update

If you ask many gamers about what would be one of their most iconic real-time strategy titles, one of the answers on their list would contain Warcraft III. It is pretty rare these days for older games to get updates, and many would stop receiving such after just a few years of its release. However, the 3rd iteration to the popular Warcraft title gets just that – an update. This 14-year-old game has received an update from Blizzard Entertainment. This means that the developers are still committed to keeping most of their popular titles, despite how long ago they’ve already been released. With this latest update, the game is now able to be played in more modern hardware, especially those who owns Windows 10 systems.

Warcraft III – The 14-Year-Old Game Gets an Update

Warcraft III Can Now be Played in Windows 10 PCs

After it has been launched way back in July 2002, Warcraft III now has an update to support Windows 10 PCs. Therefore, the list of supporting operating systems now ranges from the very old Windows 98 to the latest Windows 10 OS.

The patch, known as Patch 1.27a, for the game will add compatibility for Microsoft’s newer operating systems. This update for the title, more specifically of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, will also include an installer for Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. Hence, it can now be played on modern version of Mac as well.

Even though the newer support for the latest operating systems for both Windows and Mac computers are a great addition to the title, it doesn’t mean that every aspect of the game are already fixed. There are some issues that are still lingering within the videogame. Some of which are minor graphical issues, and there are some reports pertaining to bugs with save game locations. But in general, the game still works fine on modern PCs.

Since it has been released 14-years ago, the 3rd installment to the Warcraft franchise is now seen with low-end specs. Therefore, modern computers that are not even built for gaming can actually run the game.

It has been stated that this is not the final patch for Warcraft III as developer Blizzard has posted within the Battle.net forums that they are still working on new balance changes as well as a new map pool. Those who cannot let go of the game due to nostalgic reasons are elated to know that one of their favorite PC titles has not yet been abandoned after so long.


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