Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX Emergency Power Source Reviews

Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX Emergency Power Source Reviews

The Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX is a car battery starter and also an emergency power source to get out of sticky situations like when your car suddenly stops when you’re driving. This power dome also has a built-in air compressor to help bring in more air to an automobile’s tires. This Wagan Jump Starter is an emergency and outdoor companion. As stated earlier, it is a great partner to have for your car or automobile. It can jump start the car engine, pump air into the tires, or even inflate sports equipments or those inflatable pools for the kids.

Features for the power dome include a radio, an AC and DC power source, LED lights, an audio input socket, and a small storage compartment. It also has an equally portable and rechargeable internal power of 400amp. It also has a crank should more power be needed to jump start vehicles. There are also heavy duty cables and clamps included with the package, and a tire pressure gauge. Lastly, there are accessories included which are an AC adapter, a DC cigarette car port adapter, and some air compressor accessories.

Always Stay on the Go With the Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX

Roadside emergencies will happen at the least favorable time, date, and place. When such scenarios happen, it is better to come prepared to deal with certain scenarios of car failure. Having the Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX can help motorists get out of these sticky situations so that they can continue on with their drives and road travels.

The Wagan Power Dome was designed to bring safety to its user. Each power output of the device contain their own separate on/off switch. This provides maximum safety at all times. Speaking of safety, the clips are designed to be placed on the appropriate battery terminal before the power will flow. This will allow for spark-free jump starts and car battery charging. Other than these safety precautions, the power dome unit is also equipped with an overload and short circuit protection failsafe.

The Wagan 2485 200-Watt Power Dome NX looks and feels bulky but it does not weigh as much as one might think. It weighs approximately 10-pounds so users with some muscle power in them will have no trouble lifting the unit when necessary. The unit is able to help cars and drivers with an array of automobile problems for years and years.

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