The VW Polo R-Line is a Mix Between a Sporty Design and Low Running Costs

The VW Polo R-Line is a Mix Between a Sporty Design and Low Running Costs

The VW Polo R-Line is designed to suit every job. This R-Line combines the frugal BlueMotion model with the VW Polo. The result is a hot hatch associated with low running costs. There’s even a new 1.0-liter engine. Compared to the BlueMotion model, Volkswagen has lifted the 3-cylinder turbo engine from the frugal automobile. This boosted the power of the Polo R-Line from 94bhp to 109bhp. The company also replaced the 5-speed manual gearbox to a 6-speed one.

The VW Polo R-Line May Be One of the Cheapest in the Market as of Late, But it Certainly Has More to Offer

All the characteristics that made the low-cost BlueMotion’s engine a definite winner has been carried over to the VW Polo R-Line. There are even extras mixed in with the package.

From start to finish, the Volkswagen Polo R-Line has a tiny, but impressively quiet 1.0-liter engine. It feels and hears refined and punchy at the same time. The car does not feel out of place either; there is a lot to be desired when driving this automobile as it provides a definite comfortable experience. It does not take drivers, and passengers, out from their comfort zone. Motorists might even say that they are “happy” in tackling grueling traffic conditions.

Once again, this Polo R-Line is not far off from the BlueMotion as it has some of the fuel-saving functionalities found in the latter. There is the low-rolling-resistance tires and also some aero tweaks. Despite its tinier engine as compared to other modern cars, its 65.7mpg economy and CO2 emission of 99g/km are still pretty impressive. The car is even able to race from 0 to 62mph in about 9.3 seconds. That value is pretty remarkable considering the low-cost qualities of the vehicle.

Low-running costs are not the only thing that’s appealing with this Polo R-Line. There is a more pumped-up exterior which many find a definitive trait that will sell them the car. It gives the conventionally styled Polo a much needed lift.

The front rear bumpers of the VW Polo R-Line have a more muscular look. There are also chunky side skirts and darkened 16-inch alloys that have been added to the vehicle. The wheels are a bit larger than other conventional cars of its type, but it does little to upset what the car can offer in terms of a relaxing drive. This Polo R-Line remains “calm and composed” all throughout for such a small car.


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