Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Review – Keeping Tabs on Health

The Vicks SmartTemp is a Bluetooth-connected thermometer that connects to your smartphone or mobile device to measure body temperature. The intuitive dedicated app allows users to track their temperature over time and lets it even share the information recorded to their doctor. It can also allow you to set reminders for when it is time to take your meds. It does not have a display and readings can only be shown through a connected mobile device. Still, at its price point, it is a very useful device for maintaining the health of you and your family.

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Review - Keeping Tabs on Health

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Does Lack a Display But is Still Very Useful

The Vicks SmartTemp measures in at 4.5-inches long and 1.35-inches in width (measured at its widest point). There is an on/off button found at its end, and it runs on a standard CR2032 cell battery found underneath the white plastic case. It ends in a rubber flexible tip with a rounded metal point on its other end.

For its widest end, there is the familiar Vicks logo. There is an indicator light beneath the plastic which will flash red when you turn the device on. The LED will turn green when you place the thermometer in your mouth. Once the unit is inside, it will beep to indicate that the temperature has already been recorded, which only takes a few seconds.

Up to 10 temperatures can be recorded which can be synced with the app. As stated earlier, there is no display for the thermometer itself. Hence, you will need a smartphone handy to view the recorded temperatures.

The SmartTemp Thermometer is designed for either underarm, oral, or even rectal use. The company recommends that you have to abstain from drinking, exercising, eating, taking showers or baths, or smoking 15-minutes prior to using the device. Otherwise, this can impact the readings. Also, it is recommended to clean the unit with soap and water after each use, then dry it with a clean cloth.

When it comes to performance, the SmartTemp does perform well for what it was made to do – take temperatures. Users may find that the device will have an error from time to time, but these are very seldom and does not inhibit the overall usefulness of the device.

While it does cost a bit more than your average thermometer, the Vicks SmartTemp also does a bit more. However, many would want it to have a built-in display for easier readings, but this is just a small price to pay for the health results that you can easily track with your smartphone anyway.


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