Valve – Steam VR Desktop Theater Mode Teased for 2D Games

It has been known by many gamers that Valve can become a tease in many aspects, and this time they’re doing it by way of emails. The message in question is hinting about a new mode coming to Steam. This is not such a big surprise to gamers especially those who are looking to get their hands on a VR headset such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. While there are already a bunch of Steam titles that are available at the launch of these anticipated VR headsets, this doesn’t mean that every game will be played using the device; well, in 3D at least. To correct this issue, the Steam VR Desktop Theater Mode is being teased towards gamers.

Valve – Steam VR Desktop Theater Mode Teased for 2D Games

Steam VR Desktop Theater Mode From Valve Will Let 2D Games be Played Using a VR Headset

With the use of the Steam VR Desktop Theater Mode from Valve, it is a brand-new mode which lets users with VR headsets play normally as they would do when they’re playing in front of their computer monitors. This is specifically made for 2D titles that would otherwise look very awkward when playing such games on a virtual reality headset. However, aside from the name and for the purpose of its being, the email from the firm won’t exactly tell any other hints beyond those aspects.

“SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode is in early beta, and will be showcased at next week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Desktop Theater Mode enables users to play non-VR games with VR systems such as the upcoming HTC Vive and others,” the email stated.

There are not many details known about the SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode from Valve, more specifically on the subject of what it would look like when shown on the screen found on a VR headset. However, reports from Road to VR states that it will allow you to play normal games in a 3D environment of sorts.

In other words, you would see yourself to be sitting inside a virtual living room whilst playing your games on a large, flat-panel screen when playing games using the new VR mode from Valve. This can be a bit distracting when you’re imagining it, but it also piques the curiosity of many as to how would the company achieve this as there are no details about it (at the time of publishing). If it does tend to look overly distracting, perhaps gamers would rather take off the VR headset instead and just play their non-VR games using their computer monitors.


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