UsBidi – The Most Intelligent Charger

The UsBidi has the ability to automatically shut the power connection off when charging your smartphones. But that’s not all that it can do; it can keep the battery of your mobile device healtheir, and even extend its life. It is also able to charge devices twice as fast. It also has an LED and magnet end, is durable, colorful, and has just the right cord length.

UsBidi - The Most Intelligent Charger

Keep Your Batteries Healthy with UsBidi

The creation of the UsBidi was brought to life by the idea of technology becoming smarter and more user-friendly than ever before. However, these can only be seen for smartphones, mobile tablets, computers, speakers, and other devices. Chargers, on the other hand, are being left in the dust and possibly even in development hell. Simply put, we all deserve a better charging experience. What’s good if you have an extremely capable mobile gadget but can’t use it well because of poor charging capabilities.

The UsBidi charger aims to pave the way to new charging capabilities. The device is a mix of intelligence, beaitful art, and functionality. Through this device, charging has now evolved into something better. Perhaps you might even say that it is the most intelligent charger to date.

It is capable of doubling the charging speed on computer USB. It can also automatically shut off the connection of power once it detects that the device being charged has already attained a full battery charge. Therefore, say goodbye to over-charging your phone or other mobile devices. It will even spare your device from battery killers, such as heat and mini-charging cycles. Thus, it effectively and efficiently takes care of batteries that it can even assist in bringing a healthier battery.

This charger also has additional features, including an LED indicator. This will show users an at-a-glance charging status. Therefore, you no longer have to turn the screen on for your device just to check the current percentage of the battery being charged.

There are also magnetic ends on the charger which makes for a secure, and tidy hold. The charger is designed to work for both phones and tablets.

Charging shouldn’t be over-complicated; in fact, it shouldn’t be complicated AT ALL. It has to be one of the simplest things for us to enjoy our mobile devices better. Yet somehow, many tech manufacturers leave this notion due to its simplistic nature.

The UsBidi aims to change all of that is it ushers in a new age of charging technology. It can protect and even give a healthier battery to phones and tablets. The device is available for backing over at its Kickstarter campaign page.


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