Under The Sea Planting Of Usual Farm Crops Possible

Under The Sea Planting Of Usual Farm Crops Possible

There is a new way to grow foods which requires lesser energy and lesser cost. The project apart from it is relatively new it is also very intriguing. What makes it intriguing is that crops can now grow underwater. It is possible when the plants are placed inside an air-filled biospheres.

 Liguria in North Italy possess an extra ordinary beauty but unfortunately the land is never good for farming. Why? There are many factors that make this region not ideal for farming and that includes huge numbers of population, the rocky terrains, hills which are steep and easily give ways to landslides, not to mention the floods that often hit the region.

 With all these factors, the residents of this land had to look for another means to plant crops. However, this is not just a case that only affect Liguria but this is an issue throughout the world. There has been lots of means offered as an alternative way to plant crops to address this issue for instance plants are planted underground, in skyscraper, inside a greenhouse, and in the cloud.

 What makes the new project of planting crops interesting is that it focuses on other area. The one particular area is also considered as primary habitat for the fish and other creatures this means that the new found location for farming is underwater. That is what a scuba diving company owner Sergio Gamberini together with his son Luca choose to plant crops under the sea which will be placed inside a biospheres 6 to 9 meters (20 to 30 ft) below the surface.

 Under the sea farming sounds extraordinary isn’t it? But it is all possible. Supply of sunlight is never impossible since sun rays can still reach below the surface while the temperature is stable at 25° C (77 °F) by the sea and more than that the crops are fertilizers free because parasites can’t definitely reach it.

 What is so surprising about the project which is called Nemo’s Garden is that after the plants are harvested and sent it to laboratory to analyze, the results shows that there is no significant difference if compared to the plants harvested to from the land. That is according to the company. Imagine how wide oceans are to be another source of crops. It would truly be incredible.


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