RoboSimian – A Robot With Special Mission

RoboSimian - A Robot With Special Mission

Introducing a robot for rescue missions none other than RoboSimian which is a multi-limbed, ape like robot. The new robot is presented by Proffessor Katie Byl together with her team the UC Santa Barbara Robotics Lab at the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Indeed not all robots are built for war and massive destruction but also to help others.

The robot has the capability to stand straight and still because of its four limbs that provide not just balance but as well as strength. This robot is unique unlike its rivals in the market that losses its balance and fell off resulting to becoming like a drunk robots. How can a drunk robot rescue?

“When you think about what you would want in a rescue scenario, it’s things like stability,” Byl said in this video from Tested. “So RoboSimian is designed with four limbs and strength. This is a robot that’s really designed to do pull ups; to clamor around on a jungle gym, as opposed to being a little more delicate and human like in form.”

The four legs of the RoboSimians are not just for walking and climbing. What else this robot can do? It can hold tools for complex tasks, thanks to the limbs of this robot. What’s more? The RoboSimian can be a driver since it can drive a vehicle. Would you like to try a road trip with a robot? It is now greatly possible!

When taking a huge step forward the robot will spread its limbs. RoboSimian has three sets of elbows. It terms of moving across the terrain the movement of the robot is slow.

“The robot moves slowly and deliberately, but unlike some of the other robots if something is in the way, it can push it right out of the way because of its strength,” Byl said.

RoboSimian is not a domestic robot nor a war robot but instead the robot is built primarily for rescue operations this means that you can not expect RoboSimian to walk your dog, or take tasks from military missions.

In the DARPA Robotics Challenge there are a lot of robotics teams that come up with a robot that can perform obstacle course and various tasks on the other hand Byl’s team come up with a special robot that can be useful in terms of rescue missions with this the team leader said, “We designed this robot thinking what’s really useful in a rescue scenario.”

The impressive robot however, is completely controlled by humans. It doesn’t use artificial intelligence either. The instructions for the RoboSimians to perform are all coming from human operators.


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