Ufcit Monopod Selfie Review – Not What You Would Want to Take Pictures With

With a relatively very low price tag, getting the Ufcit Monopod Selfie means exactly what you’re going to get from it. In other words, a reflection of a lackluster build quality. But on the other hand, it has a longer reach as compared to many other selfie sticks that you can find in today’s market. But this quality is its only redeeming one and the device is weighed down with a lot of negatives that you would not mind staying away from it entirely.

Ufcit Monopod Selfie Review - Not What You Would Want to Take Pictures With

The Ufcit Monopod Selfie is Not What You Would Want to Get to Take Selfies With

The Ufcit Monopod Selfie has 1,060-millimeters in length from the base of the rubber handle up to the tip of the aluminum telescopic arm. Therefore, this number immediately tells you it has a longer reach as compared to many other monopod selfie sticks out there. It also means that you can get more into the frame of your camera.

When placed in its compact form, it only measures a compact 305 x 51-inches for its length and width. Color selections are plenty, which include black, neon green, pin, white, blue, orange, pink, red, and yellow.

Using its clamp, the Ufcit can fit phones as large as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus (and therefore also the 6S Plus). It has a hinge which swivels 180-degrees up and down, and will tighten into place with the use of a thumb screw located on its side. However, the plastic that surrounds the part of the knob can and will break of easily with just a bit of extra force.

At its base, there is a tiny Bluetooth-powered remote which is powered by a CR2032 coin battery. Pressing it will snap the shutter on the camera. However, the coin battery means that it is begging to be lost. If it does get lost, then all you get is a telescopic stick that can hold onto your phone, and you will be left dependent on your phone camera’s timer function.

Pairing is quite easy on iOS and Android devices, but much can be said with regards to Windows phones, especially those that sports the Windows 8.1 OS. It would seem that Windows Phone devices are not compatible, at all.

Overall, the Ufcit Monopod Selfie is not worth your money as it has a very flimsy build quality that a bit more extra effort onto some areas will actually break them. Keep your money, or spend it on another selfie stick if you’re still in the market for one.


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