Turn Your iPhone Into a VR Camera with Shot

Shot is a lens camera attachment designed for the iPhone. It is also accompanied with an app to create stunning virtual reality videos and photos from the Apple smartphone. Time to expand your phone camera’s horizon with this lens attachment.

The iPhone camera is known for its great processing power, and this VR lens attachment, and its accompanied app, will take that its prowess one step further. It is able to let the phone capture immersive videos and photos. It allows users to “see more” from the images they capture.

Turn Your iPhone Into a VR Camera with Shot

Turn Your iPhone to a Virtual Reality Camera with Shot

In summary, the Shot is a lens attachment that clips onto the iPhone’s camera. It is composed of 2 lenses. This increases the field of vision on the smartphone’s camera. With its dedicated app, users will be able to see and record immersive content.

Using the Shot lens attachment on the iPhone is just as easy as opening the app. Just slide the lens onto the iPhone camera to start recording totally immersive content in one shot. The user-interface is very easy to pick up and play, especially when users are familiar with other photo and video sharing apps like Instagram or Vine.

When combined with a virtual reality headset, the app will allow users to look around with the use of the lens attachment on the iPhone. This will create a unique virtual reality experience to capture photos and videos with an equally distinctive method.

The lens is designed for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus.

The Shot app lets users record their own videos, capture their own photos, all with immersive content. The app also allows you to share your content to other users with the same lens attachment. Sharing VR content online has never been this easy.

Aside from sharing your own immersive creations, you can also browse other photos and videos that were taken by other users of the app and this unique lens attachment. It’s time to see the world in a whole new point of view.

The app, like the Shot lens, is very easy to use. There are different modes to select when watching content with the app. There is the Preview Mode, which lets you browse through a list of photos and videos by moving or tilting the iPhone. In Full Screen Mode, users will be able to look at a single photo or video in the same way as preview mode, but now the images will fill up the screen. Lastly, there is the Full Screen mode with VR headset, which allows you to look at the images with the help of a VR headset, and movement will be done by moving your head.


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