TravelCard Charger Review – For When You Need That Extra Juice

There are plenty of options out on the market to give your mobile device that extra juice and one of those is the TravelCard Charger. It is a credit-card shaped device and is very pocket-friendly. In fact, it can easily fit inside your wallet, but it is a bit thick so do not expect it to fit every wallet out there. It can give extra battery power to lightning- or microUSB-equipped gadgets.

TravelCard Charger Review - For When You Need That Extra Juice

The TravelCard Charger Comes in Handy When Your Mobile Device Needs That Extra Power

In terms of size, the TravelCard Charger is slightly larger than that of a credit card. It measures 2.1-inches for its height and 3.4-inches for its width. Its thickness is approximately 0.19-inches, albeit the part that has the charging cables measure in just above 0.25-inches. To put in more visual terms, this handy charger is just as thick as five stacked credit cards. This means that for those wallets that can fit this, then this charger will bulk your wallet up.

There are many devices that can connect to the TravelCard such as smartphones, mobile tablets, and even the Sphero BB-8. It also comes with an Apple-friendly variant as this particular model will then be equipped with a Lightning cable attachment instead of a microUSB one. To recall, the former cable will be able to give power to iOS devices from the iPhone 5 onwards. Those who are interested in getting one can choose from an array of colors, which are black, gray, silver, blue, or red. The “card” is made out of brushed aluminum. For the colored variations, the reverse side is colored white whereas the black model will have a same-colored rear.

It is packed with a 1,500mAh battery on its own, and it can give half the power for many mobile devices. Many smartphones, for instance, carry a battery pack of 2,700mAh so theoretically this particular pocket-friendly charger allows you to give more than 50-percent extra juice to your device. On real-world testing, when plugging it onto an Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the device played a continuous video at maximum brightness and volume with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both turned on, it can still add nearly 3-hours of extra battery life.

While that may be small in added power, the TravelCard Charger is still very useful for those moments that require emergency juice for your mobile device. With it, you won’t be caught dead not being able to tell your boss that you’re going to be late for your meeting as you’re stuck in traffic.


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