Paww WaveSound 2 Review – There’s Good News and Bad News

Whenever you combine two features, namely wireless functionality and noise-cancelling, the results are often underwhelming, and that is true with the Paww WaveSound 2. Furthermore, this particular wireless, noise-cancelling headphones is by no means cheap. However, for a headphone that has both of these features, the price is somehow feasible. The good news here is that the quality of the Bluetooth performance is quite solid. But once you turn on the active noise-cancellation feature, and things turn in for the worse. To put it in utter simple terms, it will sound terrible.

Paww WaveSound 2 Review – There’s Good News and Bad News

Turn on the Noise-Cancellation on the Paww WaveSound 2 and Things Sound Horrible

There are two things that are apparent whenever you would try on the Paww WaveSound 2: one is that the headphones are extremely comfortable, and two is that it does reduce quite a bit of ambient room noise, even with a passive approach. It has plush over-the-ear earpad cushions for the area around the ear. The headband is also well-padded. With its overall design, it all adds up to be a very comfortable, secure fit.

As for the other aspects in terms of design, it is wrapped around a black-and-metallic look which is far from alluring. The metallic material found on the headband joins in with the similarly colored plastic found on the earcups. If it is trying to go for the premium look, it’s not doing a very good job at it.

As mentioned earlier, the WaveSound 2 emits a terrible audio performance when turning on the sound-cancellation feature. But to be fair, it does offer a decent reduction in ambient audio. But what happens when you activate the noise-cancelling technology is that it lowers the levels in the spectrum somewhat. It also creates a very audible high frequency hiss that is so common even with average-sounding noise-cancellation tech found in cheaper headphones.

When it comes to its audio performance itself, then it creates even more problems. First of all, using the noise cancellation feature while utilizing the Bluetooth wireless functionality at the same time will indicate a significant negative impact towards the audio performance. The result is that the sound seems like it is passing through a very audible filter.

Listening to tracks with tremendous sub-bass content with the Paww WaveSound 2, and it will deliver a low-end kick that will not distort even at the highest volumes. While this might please some, the fact is that the sound-cancellation feature is still pretty much useless on this headphone.


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