Toshiba Radius 12 4K – The Company’s New, Thin, Light, UHD Laptop

Toshiba is taking a different approach in the laptop market as they enter the competition with the Radius 12 4K. While many computer manufacturers are taking the larger, bulkier approach to get higher pixel density resolution, Toshiba is looking at things the other way around while still being able to deliver a lot of promise. Their new laptop is thin, light, and can deliver 4K display resolution. While this is not the first 4K laptop out on the market, the company claims that it is the first one in its size as the display only measures 12.5-inches.

Toshiba Radius 12 4K - The Company's New, Thin, Light, UHD Laptop

Toshiba Claims That the Radius 12 4K is the First 12-inch 4K Laptop

Those who fire up the Radius 12 4K right from the start will notice the screen to be quite dazzling. The images being displayed are not only super sharp, but it also has a brilliant color contrast. This is all due to the company working with Technicolor to calibrate the display. The machine itself is quite sleek and very handsome to look at. Plus, it is lightweight as it only weighs a hair under 3-pounds. The laptop’s monitor can be flipped around for those who want to use it as a tablet. Also, the performance is absolutely fast because it uses the top-of-the-line i7 version of Intel’s 6th generation Core processors.

When it comes to the screen alone, the Toshiba Radius 12 4K can beat a lot of its competitors, even those coming from the big names in the industry which include Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display and Lenovo’s ThinkPad Yoga. However, the laptop does offer a caveat as it could never go through a day unplugged.

Furthermore, the trackpad on it is not exactly the best one that you can get in today’s market. It feels jerky when used for scrolling. Those who have experienced Apple’s trackpad technology have found that their laptops have trackpads that are smooth as silk.

Aside from the display, the laptop also packs in a lot of high-end features. These include the support for “Hello,” which is new to Windows 10. It is a facial-recognition login feature. The laptop employs a smaller infrared camera to make use of this feature. Tests have proven that it did work most of the time while the device is on a desk, but looking at it from a higher viewpoint did pose some problems.

The Radius 12 4K is the perfect laptop for image and video enthusiasts, or anyone who desires a lightweight laptop with a brilliant display. Still, when it comes to what’s inside, there are other laptops that can offer more, especially in terms of battery life.


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