Top 5 Free Apps for Fitness Tracking

Its 2016 and it’s time to take the future of your health in your hands. No really, don’t take this as a joke. Nutrition and fitness is now easily available at the touch a button thanks to several exercises and health apps now available on your smart phone. But with so many apps out there it gets difficult to decide which one to pick from, so here are top five free apps for fitness tracking which have been selected by the experts as the most fitness proven apps in terms of execution and results.

Top 5 Free Apps for Fitness Tracking

This app is like Facebook for fitness. Cody offers the users a platform where they can add new and old friends and share their fitness experience like workouts and tips and advices. This app allows the users to post their daily fitness activity. The followers can comment and like you activity and through your timeline you can also keep a track of your fitness progress. So this app is quite good for all those gym goers who like to video record each other’s work out daily and post it on one place.

Healthy Out
Want to enjoy a healthy night out without any guilt? Well, you can now do that. Healthy Out is an amazing app that gives you healthy food options at your favorite restaurants. Find the restaurant you want to dine at and then specify your nutritional requirements, whether you want gluten free, fat free, specific diet (like Paleo or Atkins) or healthy heart food. This app can suggest you great modification on dishes that can break down calories.

This one is a different app, it tracks all your moves, every small step you take is recorded by app and it makes you remind this that all those little steps count. This pedometer tracks every step of yours and gives you a summary of your minute by minute movement. It also calculates the number of calories you have burnt and present it in a simple timeline format so that you can keep a track of it.

Lose It
This app does all the work for you, well; it only does the basic work while the hard work is still to be done by you. It creates a weight loss plan for you that you can apply while you are busy with your hectic life. Think of this app as a personal nutritionist and personal trainer that you have at your disposal all the time. Just put in your general health goals and weight loss plans and voila you are all one.

Carrot Fit
If you are not in to puff and fluff then this is the right app for you. But keep this in mind; this app is not for weak hear people. Think of yourself as a cheerleader, more of an exercise trainer. A condemnatory weight pursuer, this CARROT character dishes out unforgiving reactions to those needing to drop pounds. With thick mockery and motivational smack talk, clients must drop a pound to learn new workout tips. While it may not come free (it costs 2.99), carrot promises that getting more fit will ‘suck such a great deal less’.


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