Withings Go – Is This Budget Fitness Tracker Any Good?

In more ways than one, Withings Go is pretty similar to your average timepiece, but smarter. The company has already made a name for themselves as they have crafted beautiful-looking timepieces such as the Activite and the Activite Pop. Not only can these watches tell you what the current time is, they also present an impressive step-tracking tech. With the Go, it will sit on your wrist sturdily, track your movements, and of course, assist in telling you what time it is. The design just happens to be very simple, which may not be to the liking for some. However, do note that this is, at its core, a budget fitness tracker.

Withings Go - Is This Budget Fitness Tracker Any Good?

The Withings Go is Simplicity at its Best

If you’ve known Withings for quite a while, and are even a fan of what they are able to offer, you may be a bit disappointed once you take a look at the Withings Go. Even though the rubber strap is available in an array of colors, it is quite boring to look at. Also, it’s not the most comfortable wearable fitness tracker in the market. It can even be foreseen that once users are able to pick up a certain level of sweatiness, it will quickly become a cause for irritability.

The package includes a small clasp. This is for when you decided not to wear the Go Fitness Tracker around your wrist. With the clasp, you can place the clip the device on your pocket or even your shoes. This is a neat feature, especially when you don’t have to shell out more money to get it.

This fitness tracker makes use of a circular E-Ink display, which is cool. It is always turned on, and if you press down relatively hard on it, it will jump between showing you the clock and your daily step goals. Speaking of your daily step goals, they will be shown in a circular ring around the outside of the tracker’s face. The clock is as simple as it gets; it is of an analogue style, and one without any numbers.

Making use of the E-Ink display is a nice choice from Withings. It can be visible under direct sunlight. However, there is a lack of a built-in backlight which means that it will be quite troublesome to read whatever is showing on the tracker’s face while inside low light or dark environments.

At its core, the Withings Go is a very budget-friendly, no-frills fitness tracker. It does seem like it will do a good job. Its strap is nothing out of the ordinary, and if any, it does feel quite cheap. However, this is balanced out with the use of the E-Ink display and its ability to show both the time and the step goals.


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