Tile Review – Aims to Let Users Never Lose Their Keys Ever Again

When you own a Tile, you might never have to utter the sentence that is “I could’ve sworn I left my keys right here” ever again. Furthermore, using this handy device is not just for the keys for your car or for your house, but it can assist you in locating a lot of stuff that you normally misplace around your home. With it, it can potentially save a perfectly good day from going south. This device is one of the better lost-and-found units that you can find on the market to-date. However, do note that it does have drawbacks so it’s not at all the perfect item finder.

Tile Review - Aims to Let Users Never Lose Their Keys Ever Again

Tile Lets You Find Commonly Misplaced Items Easily

Tile is a tiny device as its dimensions only measure in at 1.45 x 1.45 x 0.24-inches. It is a plastic square that only comes in one color – white. It is also very lightweight as it only weighs 0.32-ounces. Apart from its keychain hole, you can also find the device’s logo that is inlaid on the front surface of the device. The “e” on the logo is actually a hidden button that you can press in order to pair it with your iOS device.

Speaking of iOS, this item finder is compatible with iOS devices that have iOS version 7 and up. These include your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as long as it supports Bluetooth LE. The company that made this product will work with compatibility for Android devices once Bluetooth LE in Android devices will become more stable. Therefore, only iOS users will be able to take advantage of this device.

The validity of Tile claims that the product has a range of up to 150 feet, which means with this range alone, it becomes ultimately better than other lost-and-found devices that does boast a similar functionality.

Users are able to connect eight of these handy devices into one account. Furthermore, there is a feature wherein it will allow users to share access to their own Tiles with trusted individuals. Aside from these, it has been said that there is a community-based lost-and-found feature that is in the works as well. This will give total strangers that has the Tile app with the ability to ping your lost Tiled item if they happen to be near it. Then, there will be an alert that will be sent to your mobile device that will notify you of your lost item’s whereabouts.

As mentioned earlier, the Tile does have some drawbacks such as a non-removable battery. Therefore, you would need to purchase one every year. Furthermore, the lack of Android support is disappointing. Nevertheless, it works like a charm.


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