The Trace Review – A Murder Mystery Designed to Exercise Your Brain

In The Trace, you will play as Detective Sam Pearce, in which you will guide him entirely in first person view. In this game, you will never know what Sam looks like, but that is not of importance. What’s important is for you to track down every lead and clue that are found in a series of linked murder cases. To do this, you have to sort through every object found in every room, then bring them all together to assist you in telling what really happened.

The Trace Review - A Murder Mystery Designed to Exercise Your Brain

The Trace is Like The Room, But as a Detective in a Murder Story

The story behind The Trace revolves around a family business called Oakley Classic Cars. The game tasks you in solving the murder of the dad, Warren Oakley, and the apparent kidnapping of his daughter, Linda Duckett. As for the reasons behind the killing and capture, it is still left unknown. Well, at least for now.

Even though the plot is engaging, it changes very little as to how you should go about through the game. Almost every object in this mobile game can be interacted with. Hence, stages will become quickly littered with questions. These inquiries will be signified by red question marks over an appropriate area.

These questions can be quite simple such as “Why is Mr. Oakley’s computer still on?” But there are more complex ones lying in wait, like how did the victim died and what was the intent in doing so? Knowing which clues that can lead to the next set of hints are the key to achieving the main objective of the game.

There are clues in The Trace (iOS) that lead to a mini video which will tell more about the details, and even give you extra pieces of mystery, to bring you closer to Linda and to the reason for the death of her dad. The level will be cleared once all the clues are attained and have all assigned the right questions.

This type of gameplay encourages your brain to think more and let you require more explanation. The main idea being you have to check every nook and cranny where the game will allow you to search to draw out and scan for clues. There are even some clues that can only be acquired when scanning them under a UV light.

At its core, The Trace is a detective game but one that can really make you think. However, there is nothing left for you to expect once you finish it. Hence, it offers little replay value, but that does not mean it’s not worth playing, because it is.


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