The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch with GPS

The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch with GPS

With a battery life of 8 to 10 hours, the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch won’t die out on you even on those long and intense exercise sessions. The smartwatch is able to track the levels of your current activity whenever you’re training or working out.

The watch has a built-in heart-rate monitor which seats neatly at the base of the device. The position of the monitor allows it to measure heart rates more accurately as opposed to other fitness trackers that have oddly placed heart-rate monitors. Furthermore, the position of the tool will negate the inclusion of having to have those weird chest-strap things.

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The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch Has GPS and a Heart-Rate Monitor

One of the more defining features of the Tomtom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch is that it has a built in global positioning system or GPS. The GPS receiver allows for a real-time speed and information tracking which is great for people who like to go the distance with their physical training regimens.

This TomTom Sport Watch  is able to track distance, time, speed, calories, and pace as you run, jog, cycle, walk, climb, jump, or even swim. Once you’re done with your physical training for the day, you can record and share all of the date via TomTom’s desktop software.

Once you are able to get your hands on TomTom’s latest cardio watch, the setup is a bit of a hurdle and there is even a warning located on the box. The warning states that, as per its instructions, the device should be connected to a computer prior to the start of your exercise with the desk dock that is also provided with the package. Said dock is a piece of plastic nugget to attach to the device which would then connect both PC (or laptop) to the cardio watch.

Why is it necessary to connect the watch first? Because you need to update its firmware. Users who do not update the firmware of their sport watch will find the watch to tell them that they are crawling when they’re already sprinting. The update is for good measure to allow for accurate recording of exercise data.

While the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch is still far from being the perfect fitness tracker, it can certainly do the job. The material of the watch is also built to last so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down on you any time soon even when you’re up scaling tall mountains.


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