The Teforia Infuser – A Tea-Making Machine That May Be Smarter Than You

Before we go into what the Teforia Infuser has when it comes to built-in smarts, to say that the tea-making machine is “beautiful” is an actual understatement. It has an ivory white chassis that present plenty of curves. It also has a hand-blown glass for the containers. Looking at it at first glance, this tea-making device is more of a piece of modern art rather than a mass-produced consumer product.

The Teforia Infuser - A Tea-Making Machine That May Be Smarter Than You

The Teforia Infuser is Both Smart and Beautiful

It can even be said due to the design qualities found in the Teforia Infuser is that it is a close cousin to the Ratio Eight. Even though the latter brews automated pour-over coffee, the Infuser is more focused to serve tea lovers.

So, we go into the question, can the Teforia Infuser Tea-Maker make better tea? First of all, know that there is a reason why coffeemakers largely outnumber tea makers in today’s market – making tea is not easy; in fact, it can even be quite the difficult process. One wrong step and you will be presented with a different taste. Hence, brewing tea is a trickier process than creating coffee brews.

Teforia envisions the Infuser to be way more than ambitious. It is a machine that will go beyond the bar in just merely pairing water temperature, steep time, and type of tea leaves when creating tea. Instead, the company expects this device to have a large library of tea brewing instructions for even the most novice of tea lovers can create the perfect blends as said library will also have specific tea varieties.

How specific is specific? Teforia has given the example of Sencha and Dragonwell. The former is a tea blen that is a popular Japanese green tea, whereas the latter is a famous green tea from China. Both variants are indeed within the green tea category, but they require varying water temperatures and brewing times.

Therefore, this tea-making machine will be smart enough to know and comprehend the difference between the two types of green tea so that the beverage comes out correctly. According to Teforia, their tea database will be insanely large that it will allow for 2.4 quadrillion permutations of tea styles, mixes, types, and blends. That’s enough tea creations that can even last after your lifetime.

The Teforia Infuser presents itself as a very incredible appliance. The device is expected to hit the market in 2016. But for people to purchase it and get it into their kitchens, be prepared as the tea-machine will have a high-end price tag.


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