The Skarp Razor Lets You Shave with Lasers

The Skarp Razor Lets You Shave with Lasers

Yes, you’ve read the title right; the Skarp Razor will shave hair off with the use of lasers instead of the conventional metal blades. The lasers are fine-tuned at a certain wavelength so it will cut away hair without burning the skin. Say goodbye to tiny cuts brought about by blades from the usual razor when it accidentally slips while in contact with the skin. The laser technology has evolved over the recent years and can now be found in items found in our everyday lives – which in this case, are now in a compact razor.  The common means to remove hair from the face, legs, or even on one’s nether regions is to use a razor with metal blades. It is used with a layer of shaving cream and a bit of water to rinse. The method was proven to be useful for generations, but the team behind this laser-mounted razor says that there has to be something better.

Shave Off Hair Using Really Cool Lasers with the Skarp Razor

The Skarp Razor claims to do away with scratches, cuts, and even skin irritation with the use of the old razor. This “razor of the future” is made out of 6061 aluminum while still having that familiar look of the usual hair removal tool. However, instead of the conventional metal blade, it uses a single fiber optic using a low-power, class 1 laser.

Unlike other known lasers that are designed to cut or burn using intensely high heat, The Skarp does not heat or melt hair. Thus it eliminates not only cuts but also skin burns, and also that annoying burnt hair smell. It works just like the metal blade in which it can cut hair against all skin types.

This laser-powered razor only needs a single AAA rechargeable battery for it to work. Hence, it becomes exceedingly environmentally friendly as it reduces waste from throwing away countless disposable razors, shaving cream canisters, blades, and blade cartridges.

The Skarp Razor is already supported by a patent and it gives everyone the understanding of modern medical science and technology. Perhaps the only downside to all of this at the moment is that the product is still in its design phase. However, it may become a reality soon enough as it already has a crowdfunding campaign page over at Kickstarter. There are already a lot of backers for this laser-mounted razor that the campaign still has a long way before it ends and it was already able to reach its goal in just 4 days.


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