August Smart Lock – Get Inside Your Home Without a Key

August Smart Lock - Get Inside Your Home Without a Key

The August Smart Lock does not need a physical key but it can grant entry by the use of your smartphone. The lock is an intelligent way to get inside your home and secure everything inside. You can even control who gets into your house and who can’t. There’s no more need for numerical codes, physical keys, or even high-tech keycards for all you need is your mobile phone.

People lose their keys more than their smartphone. Why? Because people tend to check the notifications on their mobile phone more than they check if their keys are still in their pocket. Also, there are those times when we have a bunch of keys to go through before we could get the right one to enter the house. Not really a great scenario when you really have to go to the bathroom.

Say Goodbye to Keyed Locks With the August Smart Lock

With the August Smart Lock, you can still carry your key to the house but you’re probably not going to need it. This lock can be opened or secured just by using your smartphone. It is powered by 4 AA batteries so it’s always turned on. Hence, you won’t have to worry if the power, cable, or Wi-Fi goes down.

When you arrive home, the August Lock will immediately sense the app in the mobile phone and automatically open the door as you’re nearing it. Perfect for those emergency moments wherein you have to run inside the house.

With the lock’s app, you can send invites to those who can access the house. So that means you don’t always have to be there for your family members to get inside the home. Also with the app, you have complete control how long the access stays for their device. For example, you can provide housecleaners and other guests a few hours of entry into the house or just within specific times in the day. You can give and revoke access to the lock at any time.

The smart lock also keeps a detailed log who comes in and out of the home. It will also give you a report on what time they arrived or what time they left.

With the August Smart Lock keeps homeowners completely safe, secure, and lets them have complete peace of mind. The lock also has a failsafe mechanism as it will still have a deadbolt lock for emergency purposes should you lose your smartphone.

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