The Room 3 Review – More Puzzles, More Ingenuity

The Room 3 is available for the iOS. As soon as you start, you will feel a little bit uncomfortable but that is to say at the very least. You might flinch, or you might even jump. As the story begins, you sit in a train moments after the vehicle started up rolling through the kind of countryside that you have last seen in Harry Potter as they’ve made their way through the tracks towards Hogwarts. When you’re carriage suddenly enters a tunnel, the screen will initially go black. The lights will flicker that break through the windows which will reveal, albeit briefly, a woman sitting directly in front of you. Then, as the tunnel ends, you are left alone once again.

The Room 3 Review - More Puzzles, More Ingenuity

The Room 3 Holds Tradition as it Balances Between Difficulty and Eeriness

There are new addition to The Room 3. There are physical challenges that will require you to use two fingers at once. In this new iteration to the mobile game franchise, it brings a modified eyeglass that will let you slip through minute gaps. It will then allow you to take on small puzzles that are too small to view with just the naked eye. These are all left for you to solve by the mysterious character known only through his name as The Craftsman.

It’s this character that will inlay the foundations of the game for you. The challenges are akin to that of a nursery rhyme that is suitable only for those who have an extensive educational degree. There are puzzles have varying difficulties, some of which may make you throw your iOS device out of frustration (but don’t do that). But once you get to finish a puzzle and move on, you will be able to get that certain satisfaction that you’re looking for, and that feeling may disappear once more when you get a new puzzle to solve.

There are many moments within the Room 3 that makes many discoveries satisfying to look at, but leaves a scratch in our heads that only ardent fans of the series will come to know. However, it is still up to the player as to how much of these clues really matter as they press on forward in the game.

The Room 3 offers challenges and puzzles that may seem unparalleled on mobile, and it is just that. It is with this quality that it is able to deliver absolutely no understanding as to what is going on with the game as you only focus on what matters at hand – the puzzles. However, the puzzles and challenges are the core of this game, and it is what many are searching for in the first place.


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