The Park Review – Enter the House of Horrors

The Park sounds like your average sitcom that you watch on a Sunday evening, but it’s not. This is a game for the PC that’s riddled with horrors and scares. You, as the player, will set out to explore an amusement park. Right at the onset, you will notice that something is wrong with it. It has a shady past due to its construction problem. There has been fatal accidents and even murders. You take control of Lorraine, a young widow who labeled herself as a failed mother and has strong feelings of self-doubt. You walk through the amusement park in search of her son, Callum.

The Park Review - Enter the House of Horrors

The Park Gives You Scare During the Quieter Moments

The Park touches areas that dwell on interesting while gives away the darker sides of parenting. As Lorraine, you search through the amusement park’s contraptions and shadowy corners in order to find your son. As you progress, you will find evidence of otherworldly presence. There are no fighting to be done and there are no puzzles in this game. This horror videogame relies heavily on the hook of its narrative with the thrill of jump scares to keep you moving forward, or stop playing altogether if you can’t handle the tension.

While you progress through the game, you will hear Lorraine shouting for Callum multiple times. This is a key gameplay mechanic as the character will become increasingly distressed as the search continues. When Lorraine shouts, it will highlight visual clues and there are even sounds with Callum’s own cryptic replies. This will serve as the game’s hint system.

The Park game effectively builds anticipation with the use of newspaper clippings and writings strewn throughout the game. Progression for the game may become stunted at times as players may be required to read through these in order to progress, which for some, can be quite an annoyance. However, the benefits of reading through these materials will create some of the game’s tense moments.

The game’s audio is also designed to create tension, and it is effective in doing that. There are sounds ranging from the simple rustles of the wind in the trees to strangely distorted carnival music.

The Park creates an experience of searching through a haunted, abandoned amusement park that feels genuinely tense. There are lots of jump scares that would only appease those who have the guts to go through the story in search of Callum. But for some, this is enough reason to just leave the game alone and go on with your normal, less disturbing lifestyle.


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