The Next Resident Evil Game is an Online Shooter

The Next Resident Evil Game is an Online Shooter

Resident Evil is known by many as a game (and a movie) franchise that focuses on players taking control of heroes trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Almost all of the games in this franchise are Action RPG types, but now we are about to get a new category in the lineup in the form of an online action shooter. The new game is called Biohazard Umbrella Corps. For those who don’t know, Biohazard is the Japanese title for this particular videogame franchise.

Biohazard Umbrella Corps is an Online Shooter Made by the Guys Who Brought Us Resident Evil

The new Resident Evil game will be out as a digital download for both the PlayStaion 4 and for the PC. There is currently an “early 2016” release date. The developers of the game has this to say about their next game: “corporations with nebulous interests in bio-weaponry have hired squads of special forces for experimental battles in restricted virus-infected areas against other mercenaries.”

As far as gameplay goes, it does look promising even though the category delves from the franchise’s action/horror roots by a bit. In this game, you and your team are not only going to fight and fend off zombies, but other team factions as well. The game also gives a wide range of weaponry, which includes guns and a weapon known as “the Brainer,” which looks like an axe/crowbar. There is also an analogue cover system for more precise “peeking” around corners. Perfect way if you don’t want to go about guns blazing throughout the map.

Many gamers who saw the trailer are excited about one game mode of the Resident Evil game, which is the “One Life Match.” It is still basically a team deathmatch but with no respawns. This involves the players fighting for their very lives, so to speak, as they don’t get a second chance if they get killed within the game. In these zombie-themed team deathmatch game, the undead can also be used as “tactical shield.” Basically, players are able to grab a dead(?) zombie and use it to guard against bullets and other things that may try to kill them. There are also boot-mounted spikes called the “Terrain Spikes.” These will be used for zombie head trampling when they’re down. The trailer also shows these spikes being used with the Brainer to scale walls. It may not be what a lot of gamers were hoping for Capcom’s recent announcements, but we all have to wait and see how the game will fare out once it will be released.


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