The Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463 Has Gained a Power Boost

The Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463 Has Gained a Power Boost

Some changes have been made to the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463. Albeit said updates were kept to a minimum, there is a mild power upgrade along with light visual tweaks to the automobile. Looking at the shape of this special edition G63, it is pretty similar to its 1979 original. The SUV has that familiar “box shape,” exposed screw heads, the slab-sided panels are there, and there are also those old-fashioned round headlamps.

The Special Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463 Gains an Update But Keeps Close to the Original

There are a lot of people who could not comprehend getting a Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463 over purchasing other, more modern SUVs from Mercedes. The primary answer to that concern is due to its appeal. After all, one can never account for another’s tastes. In other words, people who like the old, vintage-type looks of their automobiles, while still being able to keep up with the times in terms of engines and other upgrades will definitely find this special edition SUVs much to their liking.

The AMG G63 has an undeniable charisma and style despite its design to follow closely to its original 1979 model.

Taking a look further, there is that thumping V8 soundtrack from the twin chrome exhaust pipes. There’s also the AMG sporting frippery. Another thing to notice that will take car-enthusiasts back to the 90’s is the “clank” the doors of this car makes when you slam it. However, when one looks inside, it is nothing less than an automobile’s interiors that is worthy of the modern times.

The upgrade also packs a stainless steel upper-body guard packaged along the automobile’s increase in power. It also includes a two-tone dash, diamond patter seat and door panels, and a carbon fiber trim. The engine has been upgraded from a 27bhp to a 5.5-liter twin-turbo engine that has 563bhp. There’s also a 760Nm of torque. Its torque is just enough to spin the 4 wheels for the car to get out of damp situations.

It doesn’t end there with the updates found within the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463. There is also an improved stability control added into the mix of upgrades. This is vital for vehicles that are known to accelerate like that of a rocket ship from NASA. With this improved stability, the G63 Edition 463 is able to immediately adjust speeds like that of a cruise liner. This is also great as the SUV is found to have certain problems with its steering wheel as it requires constant attention. Reports say that said steering wheel likes to meander off direction without repeated corrections.


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