The Lynx SmartGrill Review – The Talking Luxury Grill

Yep, you’ve heard that title right about the Lynx SmartGrill – it talks. While it does sound like a great innovation, those who have already used the large appliance would describe the voice controls as hit-or-miss. The large price tag makes it even less appealing. Voice control may be “new” for a grill, but many cooks would prefer standard controls than having an appliance that would have “glitchy” tech.

The Lynx SmartGrill Review - The Talking Luxury Grill

Is the Lynx SmartGrill Worth the Buy?


Without looking at the price tag, the Lynx SmartGrill is a beautiful device. It enables cooks to, well, cook great food and there’s also a dedicated Android and iOS app to assist in controlling the appliance as well. It can even help even the most novice of chefs to create a wonderfully cooked meals. For example, it will tell  the iser when to remove a whole chicken from the grill, or when to flip a nicely charred ear of corn.


However, the voice capturing feature is a bit on the off-side. Those who have already tried using the voice commands were only greeted with constant replies to repeat the voice command. In other words, the voice functionalities are very unreliable, despite being an innovation to grills.


The Lynx SmartGrill appliance stands at 30-inches tall. It stands out a lot with its metal chrome finish and towering structure. However, do not mistake its look to be nothing more than bulky as everything (design-wise) about this device is made with luxury in mind. It’s stainless steel material was made for the device to withstand a lot of punishment and high heat temperatures. The stainless steel grates even has a spring that allows the user to attach to the inside of the grill. This will make the stainless steel hood (that’s a lot of stainless steel) easier to lift.


Inside the grill, you’ll find two main 23,000-BUT gas burners which makes for 46,000 BTU in total. There is also rotisserie that also has a dedicated 14,000 BTU burner and motor. The burner found in the rotisserie can be adjusted with three settings, them being low, medium, and high. There are also built-in probes which functions to assist in monitoring the surface temperature of the grates.


However, the Lynx SmartGrill and its knobs do not display the “low, medium, and high” settings unlike other traditional grills found in the market. Hence, if you want to cook without the app, users need to turn the burner knob for two full rotations to enter “manual mode.” While the grill is indeed smart, it can do away with the voice activation features. Even though without the voice functions, this smart grill will still be a great addition to those who want grilled meals at the table.


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