2015 Lincoln Navigator Review – Bringing Luxury While Still Maintaining its SUV Character

Let’s face it, SUVs are not luxury cars, but the 2015 Lincoln Navigator aims to put a stop at that premise. Even though this automobile does bring quite a bit of luxury, it still doesn’t quite fit the title. It falls short in several areas to make it part of the “luxurious” lineup found in other vehicle types. The Navigator is simply a Ford Expedition that is sporting a Lincoln-style grille. It has leather seating and other nice features as well.

2015 Lincoln Navigator Review - Bringing Luxury While Still Maintaining its SUV Character

Is the 2015 Lincoln Navigator Really Luxurious?


The 2015 Lincoln Navigator has trim elements that do look good. However, for those who truly want a “luxurious ride,” you won’t find it here. The suspensions found in the vehicle will soak up jolts. Furthermore, the experience is worse than poor road maintenance with pot holes has to offer. Even though the interiors have sound-deadening materials (which makes drivers and passengers seem to be separated from the outside world), you would still most definitely feel those bumps.


Therefore, the 2015 Model for the Lincoln Navigator has the right exterior attributes to make it luxurious when it comes to design, but it falls short in terms of driving performance. Looking more into the vehicle, there are still quite a few more surprises. For instance, the Navigator has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that sets it apart from a world filled with V-8s. However, even though the engine is downsized, it doesn’t mean that the power is reduced. When talking about power, this vehicle has a lot of it. This is saying even with the existence of the two fewer cylinder count.


The engine gets direct injection along with two turbochargers, there is one for each bank of cylinders. This will bring the output to a more than impressive 380 hp and 460-pound-feet of torque. With the Navigator’s lower displacement, it also means better fuel economy, albeit only a little to other automobiles that have the V-8 engine. With the four-wheel-drive option, the vehicle will get 15 mpg city and 20 mpg highway/ These numbers may not seem so great but it is better than its competitors. When you take off the four-wheel-drive function, you get about 2 mpg overall.


Overall, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator falls short for being a luxurious drive due the driving conditions it brings. It produces worse bumpy experiences than a bad road. Even with its lowered price as compared to similar automobiles, there are still a lot of areas that are in dire need of improvement.


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