The Legend of Legacy Review – A Game That Will Not Pamper You

If you’re looking for a game that you can breeze through the storyline without so much as breaking a sweat, then The Legend of Legacy is not for you. To be quite firm, the game is sprawling with adventure but it requires players to have a lot of force grinding to proceed properly. While those who are looking for a game that can help the relax and have a good time, this videogame will induce heavy level grinding before they can properly proceed with the story. Those who are looking for a challenge will adore this game, whereas others may look at this as a flawed masterpiece.

The Legend of Legacy Review - A Game That Will Not Pamper You

Get Ready for a Lot of Level Grinding With The Legend of Legacy

Played on the Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Legacy begins its story by letting players choose from one of seven heroes. The chosen hero will then have to travel the remote island of Avalon, wherein it emerged right out of the ocean a decade ago. Like the normal RPG premise, the island comes riddled with mystery. On the mysterious land, there also lives a king who rules it. He sits on a comfortable throne that is flanked by several guards. He then beckons adventurers from across the land to his kingdom where they are free to explore the local ruins and keep anything they can find.

The Legend of Legacy for the 3DS is a fantasy role playing game. As such, monsters trail the narrow pathways that are located through most regions. These monsters will chase you relentlessly once they spot you. It should also be noted that the monsters are visible unlike other RPGs wherein the screen changes to a battle arena of sorts when a random encounter with monsters appear.

Players will find that the difficulty between each part of the game is extreme. Hence, level grinding is a must. Players may find themselves going back to previous dungeons again and again just to gain a few levels before proceeding with the story. Otherwise, their party may not have enough abilities and stats to take on the new challenges.

The combat system is turn-based and the camera will focus on whichever character is going to execute the next command. Battles are dynamic thanks to quick camera cuts and the game has even satisfying sound effects during battle. With the 3D effects on the 3DS enabled, players can marvel at the lush backgrounds. These backdrops resemble watercolor paintings, and a lot of these have surprisingly good depth.

The Legend of Legacy is a beautiful game that offers hours and hours (and probably even more hours) of gameplay because of the massive amounts of level grinding. Due to this, it can be said that it is a flawed experience that can still deliver some promise.


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