The JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker Delivers Great Music Quality at the Right Price

The JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker Delivers Great Music Quality at the Right Price

The JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker is powerful as it is portable. This is the 2nd generation of portable speakers from the JBL Micro line. It has an internal lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with a built-in bass port. Other features include a 1-5/8-inch driver and an acoustic volume of up to 100cc. The Micro II speaker can fit most, if not any pocket. Its small size easily fits into any backpack and can easily be clipped onto any piece of clothing. There is also a built-in audio cable that connects the speaker to any mobile device. It can be connected to smartphones, computers, laptops, and mobile tablets just to name a few. It can even be daisy-chained with other Micro II speakers for an even more powerful sound experience.

Experience Loud and Clear Music in a Portable Package With the JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker

The battery for the JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker lets users enjoy up to 5 hours of pure, uninterrupted audio. They can attach it to their devices for a better sound experience when watching movies, playing videogames, or just enjoying the songs from their mp3 players.

The JBL Micro II Multimedia Speaker delivers full-range JBL sound quality with an exceptional bass. Although the speaker is a bit on the small side, its functionalities certainly make up for its lack of size. It is a “muscular” speaker despite it being a bit tiny. However, this would be perhaps its strongest selling point since owners would not have any trouble bringing the speaker to practically anywhere. If they want to share their music with the world, all they have to do is connect this portable speaker to their multimedia player, turn the power on, clip on the speaker to a part of their clothes, and press play. It’s practically that simple.

This JBL portable speaker also has a built-in LED indicator to let users know if the battery is about to run dry. When it does, users just need to charge the portable speaker (it takes about 2-hours for the portable speaker to fully charge) and they can enjoy clear and loud audio once more.

Customers who will take a first-hand look at the JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker will immediately think that it looks like a yo-yo, and it does. While it does look like the all-time favorite toy, users are not advised to do anything drastic with the speaker.

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