The Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series Pull-up Projection Screen Brings the Big Picture

The Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series Pull-up Projection Screen Brings the Big Picture

With a 153-inch display (measured diagonally), the Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series Pull-up Projection Screen will always bring in the picture for movies, TV shows, sports programs, and even business presentations. The Tripod Stage Series has taken the original tripod design and enhanced to allocate an equally portable “big screen” onto the package. The screen is ideal to bring and to use for small, or even large venues. It can be used in birthdays, weddings, or even large presentations at work. It redefines the original concept of the tripod and brings it into a bigger, and more aesthetic scale. This is also a pleasing solution for hotels, conferences, and other large venue presentations.

Get the Clear Picture at a Larger Scale With Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series MaxWhite Technology

MaxWhite, simply put, is a matte white front projection material for the Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series. The technology used to create the material for the screen makes it possible to have the widest viewing angle possible. This screen also brings perfect diffusion uniformly across its entire area. Hence, there will be no glaring, differences in brightness, or color loss throughout the screen for an optimal viewing experience.

The MaxWhite material gives precise image color reproduction, and a great black and white color contrast ratio. The surface of the Elite Screens has black-backing so no light penetration can happen. This is a problem with some projector screens as they do not have black-backing. Hence, the light coming off of the projector will shine through, giving viewers some (or a lot) of trouble viewing the images being projected. The black-backing and the MaxWhite screen can easily and safely cleaned with the use of a mild soap and water solution.

Customer reviews who have bought the Tripod Stage Series have stated that the screens are easy to setup. They are also quite portable when all the parts are neatly folded together and tucked away safely. In other words, space is not wasted whether the screens are folded or if has been set up for a presentation.

The Elite Screens Tripod Stage Series can also be adjusted accordingly depending on the aspect ratio of the screen or video it’s showing. It has no problem adjusting to the size of videos that are 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 or even 2.35:1 when it comes to aspect ratio. There is also a built-in 3-position keystone eliminator mechanism to allow for calibration adjustments of the projected images on the screen.

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