Tesla will Forever Change on How Getting From Here To There

Tesla will Forever Change on How Getting From Here To There

Tesla is not just one single company which produces electric cars. In terms of what the future hold for the future rides it is not just about Elon Musk’s company as even before Musk’s electronic cars there are already numerous list of transportation which is considered to be the used as one of the future means of transportation.

Pertaining to electric cars ruling the world Thomas Bartman contended in the Harvard Business Review. Why Tesla’s electric vehicles wont make it big and wont hit the way into most of the world’s garages?

The primary answer to this is because of the price, the manufacturer produces premium vehicle with premium price tag and secondly its inability to scale. Additionally who really needs a flashy, expensive sports cars for here and there regular short trips?

What if there is another low-speed electric vehicles which cost less but can deliver you safely to your destination, which electric vehicle you will choose? should it be the more expensive sporty type electic vehicle or the cost effective electric vehicles type say a golf cart for instance?

Did you know that there are already numerous of cities using golf carts? Golf carts were visible on college campuses, airports and there were also other companies purposely use golf carts to make deliveries particularly in Europe. But guess what the little vehicles tag as nicer than a motorbike but cheaper than a car is most booming now in places like China.

And the review shows it:

In 2013 alone, Chinese consumers purchased over 200,000 low-speed EVs, almost four times Tesla’s cumulative production through 2014, from hundreds of small manufacturers. These sales are overlooked because they take place in small cities, far from the high-profile showrooms of Shanghai and Beijing, but the category is growing rapidly. Low-speed EVs typically sell for half what a comparable combustion-powered car would cost, and because they’re not considered “real” cars, they’re exempted from expensive licensing and registration fees.

This could also mean that there are already many little vehicles running currently on the road and since it doesn’t need to be registered their is no actual figure of how many of this vehicles are actually hitting the road every single day.


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