Tangent Ampster X4 Review – The Only Thing Bad About This is the Remote

The Tangent Ampster X4 is advertised as the “hi-fi” starter system from the Danish manufacturer. This particular unit comes with the Ampster BT mini-Bluetooth amplifier as well as the Spectrum X4 passive speakers. Because of its compact architecture and onboard Bluetooth streaming capabilities, the company targets this device at students who want a space-saving solution to listening to their favorite tracks in their room. However, when it comes to its performance, it is more ideal for any music lover who wants high-quality sound without worrying about taking too much desk real-estate.

Tangent Ampster X4 Review - The Only Thing Bad About This is the Remote

The Tangent Ampster X4 is for Music Lovers That Don’t Want the Extra Clutter

The asking price to acquire the Tangent Ampster X4 is remarkably low, especially when you consider it to be an attractive and premium-built system. The main Ampster BT unit, which can be purchased all on its own, has that look that wants to proclaim that it is a high-end product. It has a heavy aluminum body and thick faceplate that has been showered with industrial-looking screws. While it might not be the most elegant looking amp that has ever been made, but its build quality is certainly one of the most outstanding ones to-date.

The black box measures in at 190-millimeters for its width and 52-millimeters for its height. This makes it the perfect companion for a room that might already have a difficult time finding space. It has a minimal front panel that has a large volume dial which is able to turn notch-by-notch. When you press the dial, the unit toggles through the various inputs. These are indicated by a row of labeled LEDs on its front face. They will light up with the color blue when they are activated, and they will glow a red color when on standby.

The main selling point of the Ampster X4 is its Bluetooth 4.0 streaming capability. It provides an easy and more convenient way of playing music from smartphones and other mobile devices. Therefore, it can safely be said that the days for students and other people who are sharing their CDs might finally be over.

Spend a bit of time with the Tangent Ampster X4 and you will be greeted with its powerful, punchy, and tonally balanced audio output. It is a great performer even if you don’t have to spend a lot to get it. Tracks will have plenty of kick in them but still remain smooth and refined which makes it a fine choice for listening over extended periods.


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