Tado Smart AC Control Lets You Control Your Air Cooling System with Your Smartphone

Syncing the Tado Smart AC Control with your air conditioning system with your smartphone allows users to pre-cool their rooms before they get home. The remote access will also allow the air-conditioning system to shut off when you leave the house. This allows complete control over the AC system no matter where you are. The system works with all remote-controlled air-conditioners and it connects with Wi-Fi over a home network.

Tado Smart AC Control Lets You Control Your Air Cooling System with Your Smartphone

Always Come Home Cool from a Hot Day with the Tado Smart AC Control

If you want to turn your air-conditioning system to a smart device, try out the Tado Smart AC Control. It gives users a whole new experience when it comes to bringing new levels of comfort and control. It also allows you to save on energy and cost.

If you’re the type of person who forgets important things because you’re always in a rush, then what better way to make sure that everything is turned off inside the house with an automatic system? The Tado Smart Control for Air-Conditioning Systems is perfect for busy people who tend to forget to turn off their AC when they leave the home. Forgetting to turn it off can, and will result in a huge energy bill. Avoid that scenario by creating an automatic environment for you and your air-conditioner.

The system is more than just an automatic on/off function for the AC, it also has geolocation. It adjusts the system’s temperatures depending on the phone’s location. This another way to save up on energy costs as you will always have the perfect cooling temperature for your room, or your house. The kind of temperature wherein you’re not shivering from the sheer biting cold, or not wondering if you’re air-conditioner is busted as the temperature is not enough to get you comfortable over hot weather.

The Tado system will automatically adjust the AC’s temperatures based on the smartphone’s location. Therefore, if you’re having a really hot day outdoors, you’ll be going home to a nice cool home at just the right temperature. It lets users have total smart control over their AC system.

The Tado Smart AC Control also allows users to create customized behaviors for their air-conditioners. For example, you can set the AC to cool at 24-degrees Celsius for 2 hours, then followed by 2 hours at 22-degrees Celsius, then it will turn itself off after that. Setting up is really easy and does not take any knowledge of rocket science to complete the installation.

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