Skreens – Experience Streaming With No Lag

Published: 10 October 2015

Introducing Skreens – the brand new way to experience everyone’s entertainment of choice without the lag. Experience multiple entertainment in one display without the trouble or worry of each module slowing down. Get the chance to play videogames, surf the web, interact with friends on social media, and watch Television, all in one convenient device. The device is a revolutionary way to experience all of your entertainment. Video game consoles, personal computers, your DVR, and your cable connection can now come online all in one display. The best part is, everything can be done under your control.  Share your videogame experience without experiencing any killer lags while all the while checking on the recent news. Turn on the web browser without the need of a computer while chatting it up with friends and family in social media channels. Do all these without taking your eyes off of each one.

Skreens - Experience Streaming With No Lag

 Skreens Lets You Plug, Play, and Play

Skreens will be able to combine videogame playing and watching separate media sources. Stuck during a certain part of the game and find yourself continuously scratching your head as to how you can proceed? Don’t pick up a separate device to search the Internet on game guides; with this device, you can do this, and more, without even leaving your seat.

The Skreens Nexus Two is an amazing device perfect for streamers. Just plug the gaming console, a webcam, and your computer into the HDMI ports of the device and you’re ready to go. Get the most immersive experience out of everything you’re planning to do over the media. Each device will all be rendered out to a single HDMI output. This will the stream the videos recorded over to video services like YouTube or Twitch.

This device is not just for gaming and streaming, as it can also aid you with the simple stuff like checking out tweets and Facebook notifications. Just use the embedded web browser on the device. There’s no need to take your eyes off of the screen to look at what’s happening in your social media profile any longer.

Users are also able to have complete freedom as to how their modules show up on the screen with Skreens. Have other people who have other layout preferences in the house? Not to worry – just save your preferred layout and let others create their own. The Nexus Two is only 1-inch tall, 4.75-inch long, and 3-inch deep making it the perfect all-around entertainment companion for the home.


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