Synology DiskStation DS215j Reviews

Synology DiskStation DS215j Reviews

The DiskStation DS215j might be certainly one of Synology‘s cheapest NAS devices, but this two-drive model isn’ t lacking in either features or freedom. Like its predecessor the DS213j , it’s room for two desktop hard drives for a maximum capacity of 12TB (if you use a couple of 6TB drives which are the greatest available) and certainly will also accept SSDs too. Installing hard drives takes slightly more work than in other, admittedly more costly NAS devices. You need certainly to slide open the casing and screw the drives into a cage. Although this might sound intimidating, it is extremely straightforward to accomplish. All NAS devices are electively small computers, but dedicated to system storage instead than for general use, and thus have their own operating systems.  The web-based wizard will see your DS215j  and walk you through the installation and setup process.  Although it’s still possible to use the old Synology Assistant program on your computer to set up DSM in your NAS, it is possible to now alternatively go to find synology from any computer in the same network.  The DS215j isn’t any different and its DSM working system is based on Linux and has to be installed before you can use it. Installing DSM has always been really straightforward, much much more than installing Windows on a PC, but Synology has made it even easier.

You can truly add even more features utilizing DSM’s integrated software store, such as for example e-mail servers and the capability to control home-security cameras. We tested the Synology DiskStation DS215j using two 4TB We stern Digital Red hard drives configured in RAID 1 mode.  You may also set the DS215j to automatically back up its contents to a USB drive. All these USB features worked flawlessly in our tests. There are plenty of other features, such as for example the option to utilize the DS215j as a media server. We had no trouble streaming any video-file formats to an Android phone, even though outside, once we’d completed a simple set-up process. This is where identical copies of your data are automatically kept for each drive, ensuring you don’t lose any data should one drive are amiss. This halves the amount of available storage, though. It is possible to, of course, select RAID 0, which combines the total capacity of both drives together, however if one drive fails you’ll lose all of your data. You configure DSM through your web browser. Its interface looks much like both Windows and OS X, so customizing its settings is simple. Extra features are the power to share USB printers and also the contents of USB drives with all the computers in your network by plugging them into the DS215j.  This continues to be faster than older Synology NAS devices. We’ve constantly been impressed with Synology NAS devices and the DS215j is no different. It’s reasonably priced, fast, an easy task to set up and it has almost any feature you might ever want. If you don’t mind the small hassle of having to install your own hard drives, the DS215j could be the obvious option for quality system storage. The DS215j excelled at copying big files, mainly due to its dual-core processor which will be faster than the single-core processors utilized in older Synology models. The entire speed of 94.3MB/s is very swift. It had more trouble copying our small files, but it was still reasonably quick, managing 18MB/s.

Synology DiskStation DS215j Specifications
Accepts 2x SATA 3 hard drives or SSDs •• 1x Gigabit Ethernet port •• 1x USB2 port •• 1x USB3 port •• UPnP media, iTunes, print, USB disk, web and FTP servers •• 165x100x226mm (HxWxD) •• One-year warranty


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