NZXT Doko Reviews

NZXT Doko Reviews

NZXT Doko is a field providing you with remote access to your PC – but only inside your house. Remotely accessing your Computer using software such as for example TeamViewer is nothing new, but NZXT takes a curiously different approach. Plug the tiny Doko package into a TV or monitor via HDMI, connect it towards the same system as your personal computer, then install NZXT’s software on your own PC. Th is enables you to control a PC that is in your study, say, utilising the Doko attached to the television in your living room. The organization, better known for its range of Computer situations, uses hardware instead of software to deliver remote access to your Windows 8 computer. The container has four USB 2.0 ports at the back, to help you connect keyboards, mice, USB sticks and other peripherals which are instantly recognized by your PC.

One of the Doko package’s main limits is it only has a Gigabit Ethernet slot without any built-in Wi-Fi. While this ensures great responsiveness when controlling  your computer, it is also limiting to those who like the freedom of motion Wi-Fi provides. Yo u could use HomePlug adapters, but this tends to produce juddery visuals and delayed responsiveness, unless your home has high-quality wiring. The Doko field just works together with 1080p monitors and TVs. The experience is also a little buggy. As an example, some dialogue boxes – such as Windows User Account Control alerts – only appear on the PC, and never in the Doko-connected TV. Because the Doko only works when it’s connected to similar community as your PC, you can’t make use of it to remotely control your PC while you’ re away on holiday, for example. Th is seriously restricts the Doko’s usefulness (free software such as for example TeamViewer does not have any such limitation).

The NZXT Doko has better responsiveness and gratification than TeamViewer, so you can observe videos and play games (although the second only worked when we connected our PC to the router using Ethernet). Connecting over Wi-Fi resulted in choppy images. However, we find it difficult to see why people would wish to play Computer games without sitting in the front of these PC. TeamViewer is a much better option in the event that you mostly want remote access beyond your house, while if you spend much of your time at home and now have no interest in games you ought to use the Windows built-in Remote Desktop feature. The Doko is very odd with a lot of limitations, which means it might simply be useful in very niche situations. A lot of people will be better with alternative remote-access solutions.

NZXT Doko Specifications
Gigabit Ethernet port •• 4x USB 2.0 ports •• 1x analogue audio output •• Requires Windows 8 PC with minimal 512MB memory and 1GHz processor •• Requires 1080p TV with HDMI •• 29x108x121mm (HxWxD) •• 320g


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