Sword Art Online: The Beginning – Doesn’t Look Good, at its Early Stages Anyway

If you have an idea of what a game looks like in its earliest stages, then you already have a general idea as to what Sword Art Online: The Beginning currently looks like. While the Internet exploded when netizens realized that their favorite anime about people going into the virtual reality realm to beat the videogame to get out. Well, IBM’s latest marketing stunt won’t let its players get trap into the game as users can log out unlike what was seen in the anime.

Sword Art Online: The Beginning - Doesn't Look Good, at its Early Stages Anyway

Sword Art Online: The Beginning is Not an MMORPG, For Now

Yes, Sword Art Online: The Beginning is not a glorified MMORPG and it will only be IBM’s marketing stunt. Also, since it is in its earliest stages, the visuals aren’t really what you could call “impressive.” When the firm (IBM) announced that they were bringing a similar setup that what was seen in the anime and in the novel, there were many that were absolutely elated. However, those elations were immediately crushed upon the knowledge that this is not going to be a full game but rather just another marketing gimmick.

The setup for IBM’s Sword Art Online game is a mix of 3D body scanning, Kinect technology for body tracking purposes, and the Oculus Rift among other things. The virtual reality headset was even modified and dubbed the “Nervegear Prototype,” just like in the original hardware found in the narrative.

In the novel and what was seen in the anime, characters would just lie down, shout “Link Start,” then go into the virtual realm to play the game. Furthermore, they’re doing all these while their physical bodies are lying down. In real world application, however, players are seen to be standing upright and moving about in a small space. While this is not the ideal setup fans would have hoped, it can be deemed as a stepping stone that will hopefully arrive to the kind of technology seen in the anime.

As far as marketing stunts do go, it would seem that Sword Art Online: The Beginning has backfired and it even confused people into thinking that it was a full-blown virtual reality game. Furthermore, the initial results really look dated. There are gaming rigs and home gaming consoles that can give out far better graphical appeals, the initial visuals of the game look like PlayStation 2 graphics which may not really be a fit with current technological standards. Nevertheless, this IS still in its early stages so we’ll just have to wait and see how this progresses.


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