Swiftpoint GT Review – A Brilliantly Clever Travel Mouse

Computer mice have a generic look, but you may not have seen the likes of the Swiftpoint GT yet. It is, perhaps, the travel mouse to end all travel mice as it looks more like a toy than a computer peripheral. It is indeed a peculiar looking… thing. But herein lies its very unique appeal. Rather than holding this tiny thing with a claw-like grip, you will hold this “mouse” between your thumb and middle finger, just like what you would normally do with a pen or pencil.

Swiftpoint GT Review - A Brilliantly Clever Travel Mouse

The Swiftpoint GT Separates Itself With its Unique Looks

While still on its design, the Swiftpoint GT has a unique layout for its buttons. Its left-hand mouse button sits on the nose of the device whereas the right-click button sits behind it to be clicked with your index finger. Mounted on the ride side sits the scroll wheel, which does deliver a satisfying notchy action.

It measures in at 42.5-millimeters across, 56-millimeters in length, and 33.5-millimeters in height. At this size, it shouldn’t even have the least bit usability. But the geniuses behind the device does make it work, and boy does it work well. It feels as comfy as what you would normally feel with a regular computer mouse. Also, because it is so small (and sensitive), it can directly be used on your laptop’s wristrest as a more comfortable, precise alternative to your device’s touchpad.

This preciseness is what the Swiftpoint GT Mouse is clearly made for designers that its developers have originally envisioned. There is even a reusable, sticky mousepad provided in the packaging to prevent the mouse from scratches and scuffs.

Since this is a wireless mouse, then you will have to charge it from time-to-time. To charge it, you will need to connect it via a small USB dongle, which also doubles as a handy stowing point. The GT “mouse” will latch onto it magnetically while it is charging.

Its battery life is also commendable as Swiftpoint claims that the mouse will last between two to four weeks. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for ages before you can use it again. With a mere 30-seconds of connection will let you acquire about an hour’s worth of use. Its USB dongle also serves another purpose, which is to provide the wireless connectivity for the mouse to be connected to your computer. However, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to as the mouse itself is Bluetooth-compatible all on its own.

With all its uniqueness, the Swiftpoint GT does have one major downside – its price. For such a small product, it does demand a huge amount of money to be spent on a computer mouse. You will love the GT, but it may not be for everyone considering its high price point.


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