Supercell – Hitting 100-Million Players Daily With Just Four Games

With the recent release of their latest game Clash Royale, developer Supercell has just announced that the Finnish company is raking up 100-million daily active players that just play four games. The firm is known for their hugely popular Clash of Clans mobile game, and there are three other titles that share the same limelight. Why is this such a huge accomplishment? Simply because the company only has 180-employees and is not the gigantic corporation that many might have assumed.

Supercell - Hitting 100-Million Players Daily With Just Four Games

Supercell Amasses Millions of Daily Active Players With Just Four Games

Supercell has four releases on the top-grossing list of the highest-ranking 35 games. This is a rare feat considering that there are companies that are larger than this Finnish firm and there are some of their competitors that are not even close to unlocking such an achievement.

A post written by Supercell’s chief executive, Ilkka Paananen, announced on Twitter about the achievement. At the start of the second paragraph of the letter, the post states, “100 million! It blows my mind to think of that many people playing our games all around the world, every single day. I want to thank every single one of them: from Albania to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. Wish we had someone from Tuvalu!” Paananen even included a smiley emoticon to express the delight that the company is experiencing.

The chief executive continues the message, stating, “I also want to give my thanks to all the Supercellians. It’s incredible that we’ve reached this milestone with just 180 people. Every single person at Supercell has contributed towards reaching this milestone and I feel proud and lucky to be part of the team. ”

Accompanying the letter is a video posted to the company’s YouTube page. In said video clip, the company says that their games are played in every country around the globe, except Tuvalu. In fact, their latest hit, Clash Royale, has already reach the number 1 spot on the top downloads list on the iOS platform just short after its release.

“What’s next? Well, we founded Supercell with this idea of making it the best place for the best people to make the best games,” Paananen stated in the last portions of the post. “A zero bureaucracy environment where people can just focus on creating great games. I feel that if we stay focused on this very idea, with some luck, even better games will follow over the years to come.”


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