Street Fighter V – March Update Draws Near

Publisher Capcom recently announced that they will finally release their March update for Street Fighter V on the 28th and 30th of this month for the PlayStation 4 and PC version of the game. The patch will launch just a few days shy of April.

Street Fighter V - March Update Draws Near

Street Fighter V March Update Rundown

The March update for Street Fighter V would be something akin to a procrastinator’s way of thinking – if you have a month to finish something, then you will have to find a way to make sure that all of the time would be taken for that purpose. Why? Because many fans are waiting for the update for quite a while already.

In the first half of the update, players will be able to enjoy new modes and rematches found in Ranked play. As for the second portion of the update, it will introduce a new character to the lineup, Alex. Alex’s story content will also be available in the in-game shop. Speaking of shop, Capcom still won’t include Zenny (the in-game currency which costs real money) in the update as they say that they are still not ready.

It should be noted that the Street Fighter franchise is one of the top series in the competitive fighting category of videogames. Capcom is trying to establish Street Fighter 5 as the go-to game for this sector, which is still a significant portion of the roughly $99-billion worldwide gaming industry.

The March 28 update will include Challenge Mode, Character Tutorials (16 lessons covering each character), and Intermediate Tutorials (11 lessons that cover everything from projectiles, to armor breaking, cross-up attacks, etc.). There are also other new features such as Demonstrations (for those who want to learn the basics), Advanced Tutorials (covering back dashes, frame advantage/disadvantage, button priority, etc.), Trials, an Online Rematch Option, and Battle Lounge Improvements.

The previous list was for the first portion of the March update; as for the second half, it would contain Alex, as well as his character story content, and an In-Game Shop. In the shop, it will let players expend their Fight Money to purchase extra content. These content include DLC characters and Story Mode Costumes.

Aside from the additional content that comes with the upcoming update, the Street Fighter V patch also comes with bug fixes and gameplay balances. As what has been said from the released patch notes, there are various game bugs that have already been fixed.


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