Street Fighter – Producer Hopes to See a Nintendo vs Capcom Game

Yoshinori Ono is the producer of Street Fighter and he recently reveals that he wants to see a brand new videogame that will put the iconic Nintendo mascots against Capcom’s roster of fighters. Nowadays, it comes to no surprise that fighting games have guest characters from other titles, even those that are outside of the brawler category. Take for example Mortal Kombat X as they have a variety of guest characters from popular horror movies, and there’s also Killer Instinct that has Rash and Arbiter which are Microsoft-owned characters.

Street Fighter - Producer Hopes to See a Nintendo vs Capcom Game

Produced of Street Fighter Wants a Capcom vs Nintendo Games

The producer of the Street Fighter franchise expressed his enthusiasm about his dream of seeing such a crossover in a recent interview with StreetPass UK. When he was being inquired as to which characters he would like to see in the Smash franchise that came from Capcom’s popular fighting game (aside from Ryu, of course, as he’s already in there), the producer was quick to point out that he wished that Blanka was also in there.

However, when the tables have been turned and Ono was asked which Nintendo mascot he would like to be placed inside a Street Fighter game, he explained that he would rather have a dedicated game to have such a premise.

“I think it takes a lot of work to get a character from a different series working in another one, so you know Mr. Sakurai did a lot of work getting, for example, Ryu to fit in with the Super Smash Bros. characters. I almost wouldn’t want to pick one and just go with just Street Fighter, I’d rather see something like Nintendo vs. Capcom be made as it make it specifically designed for those characters to work well,” he stated.

Even though the Japanese producer is trying his best to make his point across as the translation is a bit on the rough side, it is pretty clear that he wants to have an all-star brawl rather than having a single (or a couple) of Nintendo characters enter the fighting title from Capcom. As many fans are already aware, this is not the first time that Capcom’s brawler has been inside a crossover game, fighting category or not.

There’s Street Fighter x Tekken and also both installments for the Project x Zone franchise also have SF characters in them, primarily Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li. If there was a Nintendo vs Capcom cross-over game, which character would you like to see in it?


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