iPhone SE – Off the a Slow Start

According to a report from Localytics, the new iPhone SE from tech giant Apple is off to a slow start. The analysis that was done shows that the new 4-inch phone has (at the time of writing) only captured 0.1-percent of the iPhone market. With such a number, it is now the lowest market share of any iPhone smartphone currently being sold. Even though it might be understandable as to the mobile device just went on sale just recently, the rate of which it is selling is also at a snail’s pace.

iPhone SE - Off the a Slow Start

iPad Pro 9.7 Sales are Better Than That of the iPhone SE

With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple stated that more than 30-pecent of current users want to use smaller iPhones so they aim to appeal to that section of the market. It has been deemed to be the successor to the iPhone 5S, but has some of the features and hardware capabilities found on the iPhone 6. The 5S, which was released back in 2013, still has 18-percent of the marketshare, while the new SE is still currently stuck at that measly 0.1-percent.

The iPhone 5S even did better than the SE when it launched into the market as it captued 0.9-percent of the marketshare within the first weeks after it was released. The iPhone 6 Plus only captured 0.3-percent when it was released, but it’s still better than the 0.1-percent of the Apple iPhone SE.

For those who are questioning how the iPhone 6S fared when it was released, it did capture a healthy 1-percent of the market when it was launched. In the recent history of iPhones, the iPhone 6 has been the best performing model as it was able to capture 2-percent of the marketshare.

As for the iPad Pro 9.7, it is performing even better than that of the SE. As per the aforementioned report, it manages to capture 0.4-percent of the market. That number is the same as to when the iPad Air 2 was released back in 2014. The iPad Pro even did better than the SE as it managed to get 0.3-percent of the market share back when it was released on 2015.

Let’s just wait and see if the iPhone SE does better in the following weeks as it launches in other countries starting this week. The Apple smartphone combines elements from the iPhones that were released in the last two years.


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